The Park Playground launches industry-first VR experience: NanoClash Focus

Ready for the ultimate VR battle NanoClash Focus?

The eSports-inspired VR battle experience is the ultimate strategic mission that marks the first-ever, fully-mobile, free roam game where opposing teams battle against each other simultaneously on two independent fields.

Immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences provider, The Park Playground, has announced the release of its latest location-based entertainment (LBE) VR game, NanoClash Focus. NanoClash Focus was developed following the demand and success from a previous competitive VR experience conducted by The Park Playground that leveraged 5G technology so that players could compete remotely from different cities. The free roam VR experience is the first-of-its-kind that immerses teams in an interactive battle arena where players need to attack strategically in order to win. It is available across all of The Park Playground’s global venues today.

Set as a futuristic televised sports battle, NANOCLASH FOCUS is a fully mobile VR experience that uses HTC VIVE 3 headsets for greater mobility. Teams of 4 to 8 people shoot their opponents from hanging platforms in a dynamic and interactive environment. The aim is to move the enemy’s platform further away from the arena floor and your platform closer to win. Teams can leverage ‘power ups’ to move themselves throughout the game and give themselves an advantage. These layer strategic elements encourage teamwork and competitive gameplay, as players are required to continually adjust their position and re-evaluate their tactics. 

“With two teams positioned on two independent free roam fields and rewards given for teamwork and strategic thinking, NANOCLASH FOCUS is an exciting example of how we’re driving technological innovations in LBE VR alongside our partners,” comments The Park Playground’s CEO, Peter Vindevogel,

“NANOCLASH FOCUS bridges the previously untapped gap between LBVR and other gaming formats, showcasing the potential of eSports in this space to create a more entertaining, interactive and inclusive experience for groups. We’ll be seeing this cross-pollination between LBE VR and elements more traditionally associated with gaming surfacing much more frequently in future.”

NANOCLASH FOCUS marks the start of The Park Playground’s journey experimenting with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In the development phase of the experience, the creative designers used AI to streamline their workflow, when generating a variety of avatar options for players, whilst retaining the high-quality output that The Park Playground’s experiences are known for. The company plans to continue to experiment with the use of this technology to enhance its experiences for users and make the development of its experiences more efficient in the future. 

“Our partners HTC and Triangle Factory were key in helping us bring NANOCLASH FOCUS to life as we set our ambition on breaking new ground in free roam LBE VR,” -Gilles-Adrien Cenni (CTO The Park Playground)

Gilles-Adrien Cenni, CTO at The Park Playground; “Tapping into emerging technologies like AI is something LBE VR providers must consider doing to remain relevant and drive innovative VR experiences that keep people coming back for more. Doing so requires a complex amount of data in the back end, especially when the game’s environment constantly changes to allow more strategic gameplay. It’s therefore essential to design VR experiences with the technology that powers them in mind, so each component performs seamlessly and can be built upon in the future without technical limitations.”

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