The Park Shines in Latest Edition of Parkworld Magazine

Feature is in the latest edition of the esteemed amusements and attractions industry magazine.

We’re thrilled to be featured in the latest edition of Parkworld, the esteemed amusements and attractions industry magazine. This feature highlights our ongoing efforts to revolutionise the entertainment industry with cutting-edge VR technology and immersive experiences.

Parkworld recognized our innovative approach to integrating virtual reality into multidisciplinary entertainment venues, seamlessly blending high-quality VR games with various entertainment options. Our commitment to delivering top-tier VR experiences, featuring immersive and technologically advanced games, is prominently highlighted.

"The Park Playground is leading the way for the integration of VR seamlessly into entetainment venues."

Parkworld Magazine


The article also covers our successful expansion through franchising and licensing our VR system, allowing us to bring The Park Playground experience to more locations. Our impressive 50% year-over-year growth underscores the increasing demand for our unique offerings.

A key highlight of our feature is the launch of The Park VR Tournament, an action-packed team-building event designed for businesses to enjoy competition, strategy, and collaboration in a virtual setting.

Read the full feature in Parkworld Magazine to learn more about our exciting developments.