The Park levels-up team building with new VR tournament

Unlike anything else in the market, ‘The Park VR Tournament’ provides businesses with the ultimate action-packed, all-inclusive team building event for employees that blends competition, strategy and collaboration.

Discover The VR Tournament

United Kingdom, 21 March 2024: Immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences specialists, The Park Playground, has launched ‘The Park VR Tournament’, an epic new customisable offering for team-building events and large groups that includes hospitality packages. The tournament sees up to 48 players, split into teams of 4-8 people, compete in the esports-inspired interactive battle arena VR experience, NanoClash Focus - a VR experience launched by The Park Playground last year. Each team plays two three-round games across a four-hour period, with the top-performing teams going head-to-head in a tense final.

“The Park VR Tournament is an exciting example of how we’re harnessing VR experiences in new and creative ways.”

The Park Playground CEO, Peter Vindevogel


Aimed beyond the typical VR gamer persona, The Park VR Tournament sits alongside the company’s existing group VR experience packages and attracts and engages visitors of all groups, ages and levels of experience. This offering is critical to the company’s mission of ‘levelling up’ experiences to attract new audiences and meet the evolving customer expectations of the experience generation who want personalised, entertainment-led social experiences. Not only does The Park VR Tournament offer social interaction and collaboration for larger groups through entertainment, but the strategy and teamwork elements ensure they provide valuable team-building experiences. 

“We believe immersive tech is key to unlocking the future of entertainment,” comments The Park Playground’s CEO, Peter Vindevogel. “Today’s audiences want to experience shared social experiences more. Meeting their lofty expectations depends on investing in the best technology to create exciting, multi-layered group experiences. This is something The Park Playground is 100% committed to. We’re currently ploughing significant investment into the accessibility and longevity of our experiences. Operators that don’t risk getting left behind.”

NanoClash Focus; the latest futuristic sports battle, is a fully mobile VR experience that uses HTC VIVE 3 headsets for greater mobility. Teams of 4-8 shoot opponents from hanging platforms in a dynamic and interactive environment. The aim is to move the enemy’s platform further away from the arena floor and your platform closer. Teams can use ‘power-ups’ to push themselves throughout the game and give themselves an advantage. These strategic elements encourage teamwork and competitive gameplay, as players must continually adjust their positions and re-evaluate their tactics.

The Park VR Tournament for NanoClash Focus is now available globally across all its UK and Europe locations.