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As well as our immersive, interactive VR experiences, our multi-function venues have the space to host events of every size, for every audience, and every occasion. We're open 7 days a week. Choose your location and customise your event, with capacities available for over 100 people.

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Stand out with a unique event

We believe having a good time is the essential component of an event. At The Park Playground, we can create a completely unique event. Our team will take care of everything!

Endless possibilities: with or without VR, keynotes, network events, presentations, a fully equipped meeting room, private events, receptions... Open bar and catering is also possible. You need breakfast, lunch, dinner or canapes? We can make it happen!

Would you like a customised event? We are here for you!

Talk to us about your next event. Tell us when and what kind of event you’d like. Gilles and Marjolein will be happy to help and will contact you to discuss further details.

What awaits you in your new virtual world?

It's really nice to bring to a location and give people an experience

Tom Ryckaert (IFMA Belgium)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, that’s what we do best! Just pick a group activity you’re interested in and if you want a personalised package, you can always contact us.

Yes, we’d love to make it just right for you. Just pick a group activity you’re interested in and if you want a personalised package, you can always contact us.

Of course! We have a lounge in each venue where you can watch the action on a big screen while enjoying a wide variety of drinks and chips. Are you coming with a large group? Then you can also order catering in advance through this link.

That depends on the VR experience you choose. You can see on every experience page how many players can participate at the same time. You can book yourself on the ticket site for up to 24 people. If you would like a customized proposal with food and drinks or are with a larger group, please visit our group activities page for more information.

There is a limit on how many players each VR experience can host at a single time. For large groups, we operate a pass-through system switching people between our mini games and the wireless VR experience of your choices. That way, no one has to wait.

Most of the VR experiences at The Park Playground are an hour long. These bookings consist of 30 minutes for VR mini-games and then the 30-minutes VR experience of your choice on a wireless playing field. In our Leuven location, VR mini-games are 15 minutes in duration.

For bigger groups, the total time will be about 90 to 120 minutes to allow time for switching between mini-games and VR experiences. With this pass-through system, there is no waiting time for any of our groups.