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Mask of the Pharaoh VR

In our new family VR experience, your visit to the museum takes a sudden turn when you get a call from a Professor trapped in ancient Egypt. There's no time to look for help - it's up to you!

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The Professor made the fatal mistake of putting the cursed mask of Pharaoh Akham-Ra on his face while researching the ancient artefact.

The cursed mask has trapped the professor under a spell.

You and your team will have to follow his path into the pyramid to rescue him.





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English, French, Dutch

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There's only one way to get the professor out safely. Get ready to enter the cursed pyramid.

The only escape is to solve every mystery behind Pharaoh Akham-Ra's evil spell over the professor.

What awaits you in your new virtual world?

That was amazing!

Oscar, 10 years old

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