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Are you looking for fun corporate team building activities? Time for some team collaboration in virtual reality! You'll be surprised to find how quickly you'll get to know your team members. Put your teamwork skills to the test in virtual reality.

Choose your ideal package to personalise your VR team building event with catering, canapes, an open bar formula or renting a meeting room.

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We absolutely love a challenge here at The Park Playground. You’ve got your own ideas for a personalised team building event? We're happy to help you create the ultimate VR team building experience for you and your team members.

Team building for small or big groups

The total time of your VR team building event takes one hour for up to 8 players. Bigger groups will be split over different VR playing fields, so the duration of the experience will be extended.

Work events that bring your team together

We believe our VR team building activities are a fantastic way to bring people together in a unique, non-work related environment. Imagine bringing the entire team together to explore the impossible in virtual reality.

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