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Bring the Park VR System to your location!

The Park is a rapidly growing entertainment chain that launched in 2018 and has since expanded to 13 cities in 4 countries with over 50 playing fields.

Maximise the revenue of your available space. The Park Playground is perfect for trampoline parks, karting centres, theme parks, bowling alleys, indoor climbing centres, gyms, casinos & so many more.The Park ensures to deliver the highest revenue per square meter in the location-based VR market.

The Park delivers premium, immersive and social experiences.

When people go out, they want unique experiences they cannot do at home.

The Park offers premium free roam VR experiences to families, friends & colleagues that are willing to pay a premium price.

What can you expect?

1 Allow passers by to immerse themselves in the action with SPECTATOR AND HIGH-SCORE SCREENS

2 A quality BRANDED CARPET optimised for flawless VR tracking and designed to reduce noise.

3 CUSTOM HARDWARE CABINETS to keep headsets and controllers charged and ready.

4 Attract visitors and enhance your presence with a BRANDED BACK WALL

5 LED LIGHT BARS can be suspended above the field to create ideal lighting conditions.

6 The MASTER CONTROL DESK is the perfect hub where your host orchestrates unforgettable VR experiences.

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