The Park features on attraction industry news site Blooloop

The Park features on attraction industry news site Blooloop

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The Park Playground offers premium, immersive, and social experiences. It is based on the idea that when people go out, they want to enjoy unique attractions they cannot experience at home. The rapidly growing entertainment chain launched in 2018 and has since expanded to 13 cities in four countries with over 50 playing fields. With an ever-expanding content library, it will offer over 15 VR titles by 2025.

It was established to revolutionise leisure activities, and over time, it has grown in scope and services offered. It is renowned for its creative approach to entertainment, especially when it comes to incorporating cutting-edge innovations like VR into its experiences. As an innovator in the entertainment sector, The Park Playground has made a name for itself by prioritising guests’ enjoyment and crafting innovative experiences that blend technology with human connection.
The Park Playground offers a range of different VR experiences with several titles to choose from. This allows it to cater to a wide demographic, not just gamers. Guests are immersed in new worlds thanks to state-of-the-art VR headsets. Meanwhile, their controllers enable them to interact and get stuck into the action.

In conversation with CEO Peter Vindevogel, we delve into the company’s growth, its expansion into the UK market, and what makes a truly successful VR experience.

“Passion and a focus on the customer experience are crucial in the company."

Peter Vindevogel


Social interaction is key

At the heart of The Park Playground’s philosophy is a commitment to creating experiences that prioritise human interaction over technological novelty. Vindevogel emphasises the importance of fostering connections and meaningful interactions in all aspects of the company’s operations:

“I think passion and a focus on the customer experience are crucial in the company. People are the core of what we do, so we place customers at the core of our operations. We are all about creating entertainment for visitors of all ages and interests and creating unforgettable experiences rather than how great technology is.

“That’s also what drives the success of the concept. Those people who love the technology can buy glasses and do VR at home. But it’s a very individual experience. Here, we use technology to create this unique social experience that brings people together.”

The Park Playground adapts to trends

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, The Park Playground remains agile, adapting to changing trends and consumer preferences. Vindevogel notes a shift towards multidisciplinary entertainment venues, where patrons seek diverse experiences under one roof. The company is exploring ways to integrate VR seamlessly into these venues, making immersive experiences more accessible to a broader audience.

“We have seen an acceleration all over the world of entertainment-driven experiences that have become much more accessible than before. A whole range of big thrill entertainment concepts is getting integrated into everyday entertainment venues now. Before, you needed to go to a theme park for that big-thrill experience.

“Many people seek social entertainment experiences, concepts and venues that integrate fun attractions with quality food and drink. Many of the big thrill experiences are becoming integrated into these venues where you can spend your Saturday evening and drink with your friends. For instance, the F1 Arcade experience – five years ago, you would only find that in a theme park. But now, these things get increasingly integrated into our everyday entertainment options as customer demand has significantly increased.”

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