The Park expands with new franchise venue in Portugal

Working with esteemed franchise partners, the site marks The Park Playground’s fifth European expansion and delivers its engaging VR entertainment offerings to a brand-new region

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Antwerp - 21 May 2024: Immersive VR experiences provider, The Park Playground has opened a fully fledged franchise venue in Porto, Portugal, marking its continued commitment to delivering entertainment-led social experiences that meet today’s guest expectations. The new venue includes three free-roam fields that offer The Park Playground’s full library of original immersive VR experiences for guests of all ages and interests, including its newest VR titles, the heist themed The Break-in and esports-inspired NanoClash Focus

Set to open on the 14th of June, the project saw The Park Playground partner with franchise owners and investors Sérgio Basto, José Carlos Marques, and Miguel Soro. The new venue brings a unique range of immersive VR experiences to the area and is a testament to the rapid growth in global demand from today’s audiences for more diversified and entertainment-led social experiences. 

"The Park’s success across Europe demonstrates the quality and long-lasting appeal of its immersive VR experiences."

Sérgio Basto


“We’re incredibly excited to be working with The Park Playground. Though this industry is a new area of investment for us, The Park’s success across Europe demonstrates the quality and long-lasting appeal of its immersive VR experiences,” said Sérgio Basto, the venue’s lead investor. “We’re confident that this kind of cutting-edge entertainment will incentivise global audiences and the broader Portuguese community to travel to Porto for a truly unique experience.” 

The standalone venue is part of The Park Playground’s plans to expand further into western Europe and across the world following the success of its locations in the UK and central Europe. The Park Playground is working very closely with the local team to ensure its experiences remain consistent and compelling for the consumer.  

“We’re committed to maximising return on investment for our partners and we’re delighted to welcome Sérgio, José and Miguel as part of our franchise network.” said Bill Painter, Head of Franchise at the Park Playground. “Our investors have been invaluable in steering this project in the right direction, providing a wealth of knowledge of the local market and offering guidance on how to address their needs. This new expansion into western Europe further reinforces the emerging trend of communities increasingly seeking new forms of entertainment, with VR and technology poised to fill this gap in the market.” 

In a region where footfall relies on tourism, the Park Playground’s new franchise venue provides an exciting opportunity for Porto, driving new people to the area, diversifying its offerings, and supporting the local economy as a result. 

The Park Playground’s franchise venue in Porto is open on June 14th and available for booking here now. For more press information contact