The Park is nominated for the VR Awards

In November the 7th International VR awards will take place. The Park Playground has been selected as a finalist at the VR awards, brought to you by AIXR

VR Location-Based Entertainment of the Year

Our nomination is in the VR Location-Based Entertainment of the Year category. We're recognized with our VR experience NanoClash Focus, which was launched in April '23. Our VR experience Nano Clash Focus has been recognised as an outstanding, quality experience which has resulted in a high level of user satisfaction.  

Nominees of Out-of-Home VR Entertainment within this category brings a new level of immersion to locations. This is exactly at the heart of what we do. Our mission is to connect people trough amazing immersive experiences in Virtual Reality. We create VR experiences for all ages and all gender. 

Why is VR experience Nano Clash Focus nominated for this award?

Nano Clash Focus is the first of its kind free roam VR experience, that immerses teams in an interactive battle arena. Up to 16 players, split up in two teams, engage in thrilling battles on flying platforms. The objective of the VR experience is to battle against each other and to bring you team to victory, this all in a dynamic and interactive environment. 

The VR award show

The winners of the VR awards will be revealed in November. Check out the other nominees here and keep an eye on us by following us on Linkedin. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a positive outcome!