Girls standing on platform hovering over water in a cave, looking in wonder at the blue fireflies.
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The Snitch VR

Complete a series of exciting challenges to expose the sabotaging snitch in your group.
Beware! During the game one of you will be eliminated and will not play until the end.

At the start of the game, one of you will be chosen as "The Snitch". Will you be able to expose them before it’s too late?

Beach in New Zealand with a lighthouse in the distance

Think fast to protect your group from sabotage.

Put friendships, family ties, and work allegiances on hold and trust only in your own investigation skills.





playing field





English, Dutch, French

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Up to 30 min. VR 
+ 30 min. intro VR
& set-up*

The snitch game element: A beautiful whale passing by to say hello!
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*Allow up to 60 minutes for the experience. This includes: safety briefing, intro VR experience, group VR experience of choice and some time in the bar. Timings may vary for larger groups of 12+.

Game trailer video thumbnail: girls walking on a plank high above an abyss.

If you're the one sabotaging the mission, you better hide your intentions or you'll be exposed.

Will you be able to keep a straight face and stay under the radar?

Keep your friends close, but not too close.

The Snitch game image: Woman walking along a plank above an abyss.
The snitch game image: Two people working together to push an element through a laser grid.

Keep an eye on your team. Who is sabotaging your mission? Be warned, one of you will be eliminated and won't make it to the end.

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