The Park VR Tournament

A team building challenge of epic proportions!

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Get set for the ULTIMATE company day out!

Prepare your team for an adrenaline-pumping day of action as they enter the Nanoclash Focus VR Tournament at The Park.
Enjoy the best hospitality at our multi-function venues with fantastic food and drink options. Then get ready to set foot onto the battlefield for an unparalleled blend of competition, strategy, and teamwork.

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What awaits you on the battlefield...

The Park VR Tournament is a day full of action, teamwork and fun.

Prepare for battle with a welcome drink, choose your teams and talk tactics. We’ll explain the day and give the rules of the games.

Let's play!
Teams are pitted against each other and everyone will play 2, 3-round, games. Score a point for every round your team wins.

It's all about the hospitality. You'll be able to indulge in some delicious food and all of our packages include drinks tokens for players.

The Final
The top scoring 2 teams will get an bonus game as they go face to face in the final showdown. Take plenty of pictures as the victors receive their prize and all the glory!

Enter the Arena with Nanoclash Focus

Exclusive to The Park, NanoClash Focus is a unique e-sports VR experience where teams compete against each other across two fields within a huge virtual battlefield. Think paintball without the paint or pain!

What awaits you in your new virtual world?

Everybody is really excited, people are really talking about it.

Oztürk Taspinar, KPMG